Facettes archtop  16″

The facettes archtop is a very special project that was initially subsidized by ” Le Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec” and based on the work of Mario Lamarre’s violins, cellos and double basses. This guitar is a limited edition series.

The facettes are all hand carved, inside and out and the top plate supports a unique parallel bracing system . The result is a modern instrument with incredible acoustic qualities.

For the hand carved tops, master grade European, Sitka or Lutz spruce are available. For the hand carved back and sides, European maple, Big leaf maple (quilted or flamed)  are available. Tailpiece are carved in ebony in a stepped art deco style with custom designed attachment. Various woods are available for the bindings.

Pickups available : custom made Ken Armstrong

Standard neck dimensions

Scale: 25”

Nut width: 43mm

14th fret width: 53mm

or to customer’s specifications

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