This Guitar is for sale.

Please Inquire for Pricing.

This is a new new song called «Suspended» to be released eventually! I decided to record it to make this demo video for Beauregard Guitars.
THIS IS A BRAND NEW GUITAR FOR SALE! And honestly, that’s one of the most impressive guitars I’ve ever played!
This has been recorded with a pair of Charter Oak E700 in a Millennia preamp through an Apogee Symphony I/O converter. There’s no pickup in the guitar.

Here are the specifications and details about this guitar:

Model: based on Beauregard’s Jazz nylon contour (12th fret to body)
Scale: 25”
Nut width: 1.750
Top: german spruce
Back and sides: euro maple
Neck: mahogany
Fretboard,headstock, bridge and appointments: ebony
New headstock design!
510 gotoh tuners

Antoine’s comments:
This guitar is unbelievable! Not only the bass strings sound like a grand piano but the whole register sings like an orchestra (listen at: 0:11)! The trebles are big and round. The clarity is unmatched. This is a small guitar body but it sounds so big that it’s hard to believe. It’s a very nervous guitar with an amazing sustain. You can really hear that at 0:19 in the video. I decided to wait a little longer on this chord because the guitar would not let it fade out! I really like the new headstock design. That’s something Mario and I have been talking about lately and he decided to make it. I also really like the contrast of the dark lines vs the bright colours of the spruce and maple. Very classy! It’s a guitar suitable for any type of playing style and really shines for fingerstyle. This guitar COULD BE YOURS! I would be jealous!

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